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Tariff And Conditions

How Do I Sign Up?

Once we’ve been in touch and you decided to proceed with us, we’ll send you a confidential questionnaire form so we can have all the informations we need about your situation in order to start our work. This form needs to be signed and approved and all the conditions are explained in it. Your signature seals our contract between you and us, the company.

What do you charge?

It all depends on your project. We would charge a broker fee for a mortgage solution which is a percentage of the mortgage amount.

For other requests such as conciergerie, we would charge fees in accordance of the time spent.

Regarding asset management, tax planning and estate planning, the amount will be discussed with the clients and adapted to the complexity of the request.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

For a classic mortgage solution, the contract usually starts when you sign the compromis and ends when we’ve found a solution, at the deeds signature.

However, it will depend on the nature of your request and the duration and conditions of each contract are explained before you sign it.

How Do I Cancel Service?

If you finally want to cancel the contract, please let us know by email or by phone with a simple explanation.

However, if we’ve reached a certain point in the process and that we’ve already invoiced you according to the contract, the money is obviously still due.

Have More Questions?

We are of course available to answer all the questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us either via this website, by email or by phone.