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Airbnb in Annecy :  Same as in Paris!
Category: Regulations
14 May

Airbnb in Annecy : Same as in Paris!

It is not news; Airbnb is regularly accused to subtract an important share of properties from the residential market, to make it easier for the landlords to rent out their properties with a minimum tax impact, etc… In some areas like Paris or Annecy, the real estate market is already very tense, prices and demand..

03 May

Taxe d’habitation / Housing Tax is Cancelled?

If you’re interested in buying a property in France or if you already own one, you’ve probably heard about the new government’s main announce; to cancel the taxe d’habitation or Housing Tax. This tax is a local tax and is paid by everyone, the owners and the tenants, which is different with the Taxe Foncière..

02 May

New Regulations About French Tax On Wealth

You probably knew the ISF tax if your property is worth more than €1,3M once you’ve deducted any mortgage you may have on the property plus some additional administration fees. French President Emmanuel Macron decided to change the rules of ISF as well as its name; welcome IFI (Impôt sur la fortune immobilière or French..