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As we always had a more important share of non resident clients than French, we decided to set up the company in London and naturally orientate our business and offers to non residents in general.

We’re of course deeply involved in the French Alps market and we finance a large number of projects for non residents thanks to our partners, as they understand that a client from Dubai or from the US might request more attention than the usual due to the “complexity” of his profile for French banks.

Our role is to be by the client’s side from the beginning and even after the signature.

Non Resident Clients
English Clients
Share of projects above €1M
Who We Are

About Our Company

Founded in 2013 by Mathis Lorillou-Aubier, CEO, LA Investment Solutions Ltd is one of the leading independent brokers and Family Offices entirely dedicated to private individuals and investors looking to purchase some real estate in France.

Most of our clients are non French residents, therefore we developed a great expertise in cross border regulations. Our core business is to finance your purchase, however we’ve attached a lot of additional services over the years to finally propose a complete solution.

Upon request, we also offer a comprehensive service for wealthy individuals and families that goes beyond financing a property to consider wealth management in its widest sense.

Mathis Lorillou-Aubier, CEO